A wide variety of lesions (term for lumps and bumps) can grow in children’s mouths. Regardless of a child’s age, it is important to establish a diagnosis for these unexpected growths. This starts with a complete history, assessing any contributing factors and documenting the signs and symptoms of the lesion. Such information will guide pediatric dentists in creating a short-list of possible diagnoses for the growth.

For most mouth lesions, the actual diagnosis is best made by performing a biopsy of the abnormal tissue. By definition, a biopsy is the removal of a piece of tissue from a living body for diagnostic study. Following removal, the tissue is evaluated by a pathologist (special dentist or physician) under a microscope. This individual will then send their findings back to the pediatric dentist, including a definitive diagnosis. Most importantly, the pediatric dentist will counsel the patient and his or her parents on the prognosis, or risk for recurrence of the lesion, and its impact on the child’s dental and overall health.

If your child needs a biopsy in his or her mouth, Dr. Perusini and the staff at Avenue PD are here to help. We appreciate that this process can be stressful for children and their parents. Like all things we do, it is our goal to make the treatment efficient and comfortable on top of keeping parents as informed as possible.

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