We have strong roots in Edmonton, and giving back to this amazing
community is a privilege and core value of Avenue PD.

Avenue PD in the Community

The age-old wisdom that it takes a village to raise a child is something we take seriously, not just in how we work with kids and families who come into Avenue PD, but in how we reach out to the broader Edmonton community.

Stay tuned for highlights of some of the activities and initiatives Avenue PD is a proud part of in the greater Edmonton region.

Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Perusini and the staff at Avenue PD believe that dentistry is a human right, not a privilege. Dr. Perusini regularly provides charitable dental care to individuals who are homeless on the streets of Edmonton. Additionally, he is the staff dentist at Alberta Hospital Edmonton, where he provides restorative and surgical care to patients admitted to the hospital.

In addition, Dr. Perusini volunteers his time and expertise at Rosecrest Home, a residential service for children in palliative care.