COVID-19 Update

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in accordance with the guidelines put forth by the Alberta Dental Association and College, Avenue Pediatric Dentistry is suspending all elective, non-urgent treatment.

Dr. Perusini is still available to evaluate and provide care for:

  • oral-facial trauma,
  • severe dental infections,
  • prolonged bleeding from the mouth, and
  • pain that cannot be managed by over the counter medications.

Please call the front desk at 780-428-7761 if your child is experiencing a dental emergency. We will provide guidance over the telephone and, if necessary, book your child an appointment. In order to attend the clinic, your child (including his or her chaperone) will need to meet strict criteria established by the provincial health authority. These criteria will be reviewed with you when you call.

Take care and be safe.

Dr. Perusini and the team at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry

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