Ectopic Eruption

What is ectopic eruption?

Ectopic means in an abnormal place or position. In dentistry, ectopic eruption is used to label teeth that are out of position or growing in an inappropriate direction.

Dr. Perusini will regularly evaluate the eruption of your child’s teeth. In particular, Darsi will exam the position of the permanent molars and canines as these teeth are more likely to be ectopic (risk of 1-3%). As part of his assessment, Dr. Perusini will do a thorough clinical examination and take x-rays.

How do you manage an ectopic tooth?

The goal of interceptive treatment is to improve the position of the teeth, and to decrease the risk for damage to adjacent teeth. Treatment may include extracting primary teeth to promote appropriate eruption of the underlying permanent teeth, or referring your child to an orthodontist for evaluation and management. Each child is unique, and the specific plan will depend on the severity of the ectopic eruption along with any coincident bite issues that could make treatment more complicated.


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