Bicycle Helmets

Spring is just around the corner! In an effort to stay fit and cut down on gas, Darsi bought a bicycle (something that he has not owned since junior high). He will be riding it to the office, and he wanted to remind families out there about something very important.

Bicycle Helmets

When your child starts riding a bike, the most significant safety measure you can take is to ensure that your child wears a helmet. Set an example and wear one yourself!

Helmets sold in Canada are certified by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), CPSC ( Consumer Product Safety Commission), Snell or the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Your child should wear a helmet with an approved standards label. Normally, you can find the label inside or on the actual helmet.

A bike helmet is a single-impact helmet — meaning that once it has been hit hard, the helmet will need to be replaced. The cost of a helmet is far less than the cost of your child’s wellbeing.

When purchasing a helmet for your child, the Canadian Pediatric Society recommends:

  • Take your child to the store so he or she can try on different ones.
  • The helmet must fit properly and should be lightweight so that your child’s head and neck can support it. This will ensure the best protection.
  • The helmet should sit comfortably around your child’s head without falling over his or her eyes or ears. The distance between the front of the helmet and your child’s eyebrows should be two finger widths.
  • The straps should go in front of and behind your child’s ears, and fasten snugly under his or her chin.

Do not forget to check the fit of your child’s helmet each year. Children grow quickly, and what is appropriately sized this year might be too small the next riding season.

Stay safe and have fun!

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