Brushing Tips

Are you struggling to brush your little one’s teeth? Here are some helpful tips that might make the daunting task a bit easier.

First off, brushing can happen anywhere in the house. There is this notion that it MUST be done in the bathroom. If your toddler is rambunctious, penning them up in a small room could make brushing his or her teeth quite the challenge. We often encourage parents to brush in the living room where there is more space and less risk for injury (i.e., falling off a counter or toilet, hitting head on the edge of the counter).

Also, consider placing your toddler in your lap and brushing from behind versus trying to come at the little one from the front. You can also put on his or her favorite television show as a form of distraction while you are brushing.

Dr. Perusini and the team at Avenue PD love talking about brushing. We respect that every child is different, and enjoy the task of helping develop a custom routine for each of our patients.

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