The Basics

Dental Exams & Preventive Care

In addition to restorative and surgical care, the team at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry is happy to provide regular dental checkups and preventive care for all children, as well as adults with special healthcare needs. 

What to Expect

The hygiene team at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry will carefully remove plaque and tartar to help Dr. Perusini conduct his dental exam. Depending on your child’s risk for tooth decay (and your preference), we will apply topical fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. 

Dental x-rays may also be indiciated. These films help Dr. Perusini detect any hidden issues, and provide a comprehensive view of your child’s teeth and oral health. 

What is a dental home?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry developed this concept back in 2001. A dental home exists for all infants, children, teenagers and individuals with special health care needs. In essence, the home provides comprehensive, continuously-accessible, family-centred, coordinated and compassionate, and culturally-effective dental care for children.

What is the benefit? The dental home is more cost-effective and provides higher quality care when compared to infrequent trips to the dentist or hospital for emergencies only. With regular visits, a pediatric dentist can screen for disease, and deliver appropriate therapy to prevent cavities and infection.

Dr. Perusini and the staff at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry invite you and your child to join our dental home. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with families and the community as a whole.

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Conveniently located in the heart of Edmonton, Avenue Pediatric Dentistry proudly deliver all aspects of dental care to infants, children and teenagers, as well as those of all ages with special needs.


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