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Managing stress
Are you anxious about going to the dentist? You would be surprised, but this same anxiety can be transferred to your children.
What is a pulpotomy?
During your child’s consultation, Dr. Perusini may discuss a procedure known as a pulpotomy. Pulp exists inside teeth and is made up of vital structures...
Toothaches 101
A lot of children report to our office complaining of a toothache. Determining the nature of the pain will help decide the best course of treatment.
A healthy diet for teeth
Preventing early childhood decay is largely dependent on modifying your child’s diet.
General anesthesia
If your child is scheduled to undergo dental treatment under general anesthesia, you might be wondering how this will play out.
Vacation tips
You’re all packed up and ready to go on that family vacation. Now how are we going to take care of our teeth?
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