Space Maintainers – Dos and Don’ts

Does your child have a space maintainer? Are they about to get one cemented? Follow these rules to avoid problems, and to maximize the benefit of your space maintainer.

  1. Keep the space maintainer clean. This is very important. The space maintainer can be a plaque trap, which can cause gingivitis and/or cavities. We always say to children, brush your space maintainer the same way you brush your teeth.
  2. Avoid eating sticky candies or crunchy foods such as gum, jujubes, nuts or popcorn kernels. These treats can pull or dislodge the space maintainer, which means another visit for re-cementation.
  3. Make sure that your child knows what to do if the space maintainer falls out (e.g., if it happens at school and you’re not around). We tell parents to provide their child with a small plastic baggie to hold the space maintainer if it falls out. They can then keep this in their back-pack until they come home from school.
  4. Call our office immediately to book an appointment in the event that the space maintainer does fall out. Waiting too long can make re-cementation very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

If you have any questions or concerns about space management or these instructions, please call our office. Dr. Perusini and the staff at Avenue PD are here to help.

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