Tongue Tied?

Ankyloglossia (or tongue tie) is a developmental anomaly of the tongue characterized by a short, thick lingual frenum (the tissue tie underneath the tongue). The reported prevalence of ankyloglossia is around 0.1-10.7% of the population. The exact cause of ankyloglossia is unknown, although the condition can be associated with breastfeeding issues, tongue mobility and speech problems, malocclusion and gum recession.

The treatment for ankyloglossia is frenectomy (cutting of the frenum). Surprisingly, there is little evidence to support this procedure. Many in the medical community continue to call for quality research to determine indications for treatment as there are differences in opinion among speech pathologists, pediatricians, otolaryngologists, lactation consultants and dentists.

If you are concerned that your child has a tongue tie, please call our office. After evaluating your child’s tongue, Dr. Perusini will take the time to explain the current literature in the field, along with pros, cons, risks and benefits of treatment.

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