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Trauma Tooth Infection Symptoms

Did your little one fall and hit her face on the bathtub? On the cement? Did she knock a baby tooth? Perhaps the tooth was still there, there was some bleeding, but all seemed well. You likely followed up with your dentist, and his office counseled you to “watch for infection”.

Signs Of Infection

These are some important things to look for when watching for infection:

  • Gum redness around the suspected tooth or teeth.
  • Tooth or gum pain, spontaneously or when the child is eating.
  • Swelling of the gum around the tooth or the lip.
  • A gum “pimple” over the tooth that may or may not be draining pus.
  • Fever – be careful with this. An uncontrolled fever can be dangerous in young children.

A lot of parents will inquire about tooth discoloration. Teeth that have been bumped will sometimes turn pink, red or grey. While this can be alarming, discoloration does not necessarily mean the tooth is infected. Again, watch for the signs and symptoms. If you’re concerned, please call our office and we will gladly book your child in for an emergency exam.

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